Teen Advocacy

Teen Advocacy

Turning Point’s Teen Advocate can speak with teens, teachers, administrators, and parents about teen relationship issues. Middle schools, high schools, or any interested organization is provided information to help teens navigate the waters of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships as students develop new social situations and enter the dating scene.

Presentations have been developed in compliance with House Bill 19 which requires dating violence education in middle and high school health classes and education.  Contact Robin McNeal or Doryan Miller for more information regarding this program.

Healthy Relationship

  • Respect for Personal Identity
  • Respect for Boundaries
  • Mutual Support
  • Mutual Trust and Honesty
  • Fairness
  • Respecting Privacy
  • Time Apart
  • Emotional and Physical Safety
  • Open Communication
  • Making Decisions Together
  • Owning our Mistakes
  • Keeping Commitments

Unhealthy Relationship

  • Control or Power
  • Inappropriate Jealousy
  • Peer Pressure
  • Manipulation for Sexual Behaviors
  • Unrealistic Expectations
  • Isolation from People and Activities
  • Disrespecting Personal Identity
  • Humiliation
  • Harmful Language
  • Monitoring Activity
  • Threatening Words or Behavior
  • Blaming Others
  • Minimizing Concern


  • myPlan: Helps users determine if a friend or family member is in an unsafe relationship.
  • Aspire: Appears as a news app but has hidden domestic violence resources and ways to contact people in case of emergency. Download here Apple App Store  &  Google Play
  • Insight Timer: This app features guided meditations, music, and talks posted by contributing experts.